Has The Afterlife & Reincarnation Been Explained By Science?

Has The Afterlife & Reincarnation Been Explained By Science? One researcher seems to have combined these two areas by studying people’s stories who have NDE’s but then can also remember some pieces of what happens between lives. Michael’s Newton, book Journey of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, details his research and is explored in detail in an article we link to below…but first we have a treat; a video where Michael’s Newton discusses a couple of the cases that got him started in this area .

Sea Chairs: Stools Made At Sea From Marine Plastic Pullution

Photo Image Clip From The Film: Sea Chair You’ve probably heard of the massive ocean masses of plastic that are growing around the planet.  Well we stumbled upon this great short film about Studio Swine who collects and processes the marine plastic into a stool at sea. Here’s the film’s summary from the producer: Short film about collecting plastic to make a chair on a fishing boat at sea. Since the

Cooking Snake Soup? Better Be Sure The Snake Is Dead First!

Make Sure The Snake Is Dead Before You Cook The Snake Soup! Ever heard of anyone getting bitten and killed by a snake after the snake’s dead is chopped off? Evidently it’s not really that uncommon.  Recently a man in China, chef Peng Fan, who was preparing his “Snake Soup” delicacy was killed just that way. Peng was bitten by the decapitated head of an Indochinese spitting cobra 20 minutes after

Fluoridation Facts That Anyone Can Understand

Fluoride Information To help Save Ourselves And Our Families – And To Awaken Others We can use this information to help save ourselves and our families from the dangers of fluoride and do our best to help others. We know we aren’t going to save everyone, especially those who don’t really want to know about issues like fluoridation in the water supply but giving them facts from outside sources helps

Himalayan Pink Salt Sole - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Himalayan Pink Salt Sole – What is it and how does it work? People are replacing all table and sodium used in cooking with Pink Himalayan Salt with super results.   Once you start using it you will likely refuse to eat any other salt because the salt and minerals it contains really adds flavor to your food as well as being more nutritious (Pink Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals.)

Eliminate One Of These Now! Natural Himalayan or Sea Salt Vs. Processed Table Salt

Most people have read or been told that they should watch their salt (sodium) intake because it can cause high blood pressure or heart disease.  But what most people do not know is that what type of salt you are consuming can have have a large impact on what amount should be consumed and how much is too much.  For example, there are NATURAL unprocessed salts like Himalayan Pink Salt

Northern Ireland's Environment Minister Rules Against Fracking In Belco

Denial By Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister For A Permit To Drill It seems that the further from the USA you get the more sensible the government is to listening to community concerns and using a bit of common sense when deciding when it’s worth it to risk the environment. This community in Northern Ireland was able to stop this potential environmental threat even before the full fracking phase.  This denial by

Amazingly Easy & Clean Method To Shuck Corn

 Shucking Corn Made Easy This is an amazing and easy way to shuck corn without having all the silk hanging around, etc.  One word of caution to our readers – the is vehemently against the use of microwaves in cooking our food as we do not believe it is safe and we believe it damages the food itself! Having said that maybe a reader can tell us if it works