Bumble Bee Saves Second Bumble Bee From Spider!

Bumble Bee Saves Second Bumble Bee From Spider!

So this is interesting video to watch.  There is a bumble bee caught in a spider web and the spider is looking like it’s ready to pounce.  And then along comes a second bumble bee that apparently stings the spider and saves the first bumble bee.  The video even gives you a couple of looks in slow motion.

See it here (we’ve watched this several times ourselves)…

But – then we find a follow up article on a website called www.theconversation.com where a biologist professor says the second bumble bee just fell there and it wasn’t even it’s stinger but was the second bee’s legs.  We’ve watched this several times and we still like to think the second bee came in for the rescue. 🙂

Here’s the direct quote…

…They are amazing and important creatures, for they pollinate numerous wildflowers and many crops such as tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and runner beans.

But action heroes, they are not. A recent video shows what the photographer believes to be a bumblebee diving in to rescue a fellow bee caught in a web, stinging the attacking spider in the process. This is unintentionally misleading, and not what it seems.

Within the nest, bumblebees can and will attack and repel invaders, but they would never come to the aid of another bee away from the nest. Away from the nest the workers single-mindedly pursue the solitary endeavour of finding flowers and collecting food as swiftly as possible. If any of them run into trouble then they are on their own.

What do you think?

Please tell us in your comments and let’s see what get’s the most votes…

Rescue or accidental save?…

We vote Rescue!

…besides that just seems more romantic!

Youtube Channel & Link For Video: functional electric

Source for follow up article: www.theconversation.com

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  2. hey, this is cool!


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