California To Ban One Time Use Plastic Bags

California To Ban One Time Use Plastic Bags

According to an article in the state of  California is going to ban one time use plastic bags.  This follows some metropolitan cities that have gone this route like Austin, Texas that banned them in 2013.

According to the article,

The California Senate voted 22-15 late last night to pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The bill, SB 270, will phase out single-use plastic bags in grocery stores and pharmacies beginning July 2015, and in convenience stores one year later, and create a mandatory minimum ten-cent fee for recycled paper, reusable plastic and compostable bags.

One reason for the ban is the danger to marine wildlife. They reported that:

Plastic bags create a direct threat to wildlife, like the Pacific leatherback sea turtles, that mistake the bags for food. A study of more than 370 leatherback sea turtle autopsies found that one in three had plastic in their stomach, most often a plastic bag. Plastic bags are also one of the most common items littered on California’s beaches according to Ocean Conservancy’s annual beach cleanup data, according to Ocean Conservancy.

We here at recently linked a video showing a sea turtle being saved from marine pollution so we support the move.Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver & Then It Says “THANK YOU!”






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Here is also a good related video we found for our readers about why plastic bags are bad for marine life and the planet in general.


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