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How About GMOs & Beer?

Ever wondered what’s in your domestic beer?

If you or someone you love is a beer drinker you may want to see this. So what’s in your beer?



You may be surprised about how bad it is…

So How's It Gone Since The 2012 Democratic Convention RE: GMO Labeling?

Where Do We Turn For Political Support for GMO Labeling? Are the political leaders so bought and paid for that non are willing to turn their backs on money and support from  Big Ag? One thing supporters of the Democratic Party have found (if they are keeping up with the fight to have GMOs labeled) is that Barack Obama’s promise to have GMOs labeled was about as reliable as his

Is it time to BAN GMO's here in the USA?

Our power is in the voting booth and at the cash register! Let’s start making sure Big Ag and the Big Food Companies as well as the politicians know who works for whom around here! – Maybe it’s high time we got on the OFFENSIVE instead of always playing catch up! – Let’s make GMO labeling a a temporary measure only! – 67 other countries have banned GMO’s completely and we

Think You're Eating Safe RED Meat? - Better Check for This Too!

If you like to buy meat at the supermarket you may have read recently to be on the look out for meat from animals that have been injected with or fed hormones or given antibiotics.  Or maybe now you’ve turned up the effort to make sure your family is eating meat from organically fed animals only – excluding all GMO grain fed animals. So you go through all of that

Where Does Your Favorite Produce Item Rank As Far As Pesticide Residue? Apples, Strawberries, Or Grapes Anyone?

2014 Pesticide Residue Rankings For Most Common Fruits & Vegetables –  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed pesticide tests of 48 popular conventional (non organically raised) produce items to come up with a ranking – with the top rated items indicating they had the highest amounts of pesticide residue.  Unfortunately for moms and parents, many of the items most commonly given to toddlers and children are included in the “WORST FIFTEEN PRODUCE