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California To Ban One Time Use Plastic Bags

According to an article in the state of  California is going to ban one time use plastic bags.  This follows some metropolitan cities that have gone this route like Austin, Texas that banned them in 2013. According to the article, The California Senate voted 22-15 late last night to pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The bill, SB 270, will phase out single-use plastic bags in

Is it time to BAN GMO's here in the USA?

Our power is in the voting booth and at the cash register! Let’s start making sure Big Ag and the Big Food Companies as well as the politicians know who works for whom around here! – Maybe it’s high time we got on the OFFENSIVE instead of always playing catch up! – Let’s make GMO labeling a a temporary measure only! – 67 other countries have banned GMO’s completely and we

Sea Chairs: Stools Made At Sea From Marine Plastic Pullution

Photo Image Clip From The Film: Sea Chair You’ve probably heard of the massive ocean masses of plastic that are growing around the planet.  Well we stumbled upon this great short film about Studio Swine who collects and processes the marine plastic into a stool at sea. Here’s the film’s summary from the producer: Short film about collecting plastic to make a chair on a fishing boat at sea. Since the

Northern Ireland's Environment Minister Rules Against Fracking In Belco

Denial By Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister For A Permit To Drill It seems that the further from the USA you get the more sensible the government is to listening to community concerns and using a bit of common sense when deciding when it’s worth it to risk the environment. This community in Northern Ireland was able to stop this potential environmental threat even before the full fracking phase.  This denial by

Fewer Monarch Butterflies Surviving Migration To Mexico: 2 Ways You Can Help Save Them

The great migration of the Monarch butterfly Did you know that fewer butterflies are surviving their annual migration to Mexico?  This is a very informative youtube video about this subject and then we follow up with a second video with additional information on how we can help save the Monarch Butterflies! Soource: Youtube Channel – PBS NewsHour Did You Know There Are Two Ways You Can Help Save the Monarch Butterfly?

Another Toxin Free Trick To Catch Mosquitoes Before They Bite!

Another Toxin Free Trick To Catch Mosquitoes Before They Bite! Here’s another simple trick for getting rid of and catching mosquito’s before they bite you and your family and friends! We recently posted an article and video on how to repel mosquito’s and also on how to build some simple mosquito traps – All toxin free of course.  So we found another one to add to the mix.  The video

Green Bronx Machine - Teaching Kids In The Bronx To Garden & Making A Huge Difference

In NY City’s the Bronx Borough many of the kids didn’t know where vegetables came from – much less having ever dreamed of growing any.  So how would these same kids who come from a special needs, troubled past, or poor background react when exposed to the miracles of gardening? – How they react is really amazing and a lesson in and of itself.  We have some great videos about

Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver & Then It Says "THANK YOU!"

Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver & Then It Says “THANK YOU!” The oceans are filled with plastic and debris and this is a reminder.  BUT – this one is fun to watch and just makes you feel good inside! This is really cool to watch!  This diver rescues a sea turtle caught in ocean debris and then the turtle swims over to the diver as if to say