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Is it time to BAN GMO's here in the USA?

Our power is in the voting booth and at the cash register! Let’s start making sure Big Ag and the Big Food Companies as well as the politicians know who works for whom around here! – Maybe it’s high time we got on the OFFENSIVE instead of always playing catch up! – Let’s make GMO labeling a a temporary measure only! – 67 other countries have banned GMO’s completely and we

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain's Connection

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain’s Connection Want to think like Einstein?  Scientist have studied the brain of Einstein and one study was recently published in the journal: Brain where they reported that they have determined that one way his brain was very different than most people’s brains was the very strong connection between the left and right sides (hemispheres) of his brain.   The physical

Green Bronx Machine - Teaching Kids In The Bronx To Garden & Making A Huge Difference

In NY City’s the Bronx Borough many of the kids didn’t know where vegetables came from – much less having ever dreamed of growing any.  So how would these same kids who come from a special needs, troubled past, or poor background react when exposed to the miracles of gardening? – How they react is really amazing and a lesson in and of itself.  We have some great videos about

"Garden City" - A Must See Documentary About GardenPool.Org And their Sustainability Goals!

Evidently we were not the only ones that thought the Garden Pool idea was fantastic.  Below we’ve linked a great short documentary by Edward James Hernandez about GardenPool.Org and how they are taking their sustainability efforts to the next level by helping build these gardens for other people with an army of volunteers! This is a follow up to our original article about the new non profit called (click

Backyard Garden Pool? What a Fantastic Idea!

We just today ran across this great piece by Sara Bernard at Grist.Org about a non profit called GardenPool.Org (link to article at end of this article.) It’s about a couple named Dennis and Danielle McClung who, like many of us, wanted to learn to live sustainably and were moving along learning more ways to do this when they bought a foreclosure home in 2009.  The home had a broken down

Amazing & Inspirational Two Guitar Solo Video By Young Guitarist, Jason Kertson

This is a very inspiring  video of a young man playing a two guitar solo!  It’s amazing to see someone so young displaying so much talent! Go ahead and see what you think!   If you like it check out his other links and support him and his band.  We listed those links below the video for your convenience. So here is Jason Kertson performing his original song, “For You” on