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California To Ban One Time Use Plastic Bags

According to an article in EcoWatch.com the state of  California is going to ban one time use plastic bags.  This follows some metropolitan cities that have gone this route like Austin, Texas that banned them in 2013. According to the EcoWatch.com article, The California Senate voted 22-15 late last night to pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The bill, SB 270, will phase out single-use plastic bags in

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain's Connection

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain’s Connection Want to think like Einstein?  Scientist have studied the brain of Einstein and one study was recently published in the journal: Brain where they reported that they have determined that one way his brain was very different than most people’s brains was the very strong connection between the left and right sides (hemispheres) of his brain.   The physical

Baby Hummingbird Rescued - Wonderful Video

This such an awesome video that is heart warming to watch though to the end.  This hummingbird was rescued and the publisher of this video raised it until it was ready to go out on its own. Here is what he said about the rescue … This is a baby hummingbird I rescued after it was attacked. UPDATE!!! when she thought she was ready to leave (and she was) she