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Instant Noodles Vs. Regular Noodles; A Video Peek Inside Your Stomach

We really never thought about whether ramen (or other instant) noodles were much different than other noodles. That is until we saw this video about Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital’s experiment where he actually places a pill-sized camera inside someone’s stomach and compares what happens with regular noodles versus instant noodles. This is pretty amazing to see.

Fluoridation Facts That Anyone Can Understand

Fluoride Information To help Save Ourselves And Our Families – And To Awaken Others We can use this information to help save ourselves and our families from the dangers of fluoride and do our best to help others. We know we aren’t going to save everyone, especially those who don’t really want to know about issues like fluoridation in the water supply but giving them facts from outside sources helps

Himalayan Pink Salt Sole - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Himalayan Pink Salt Sole – What is it and how does it work? People are replacing all table and sodium used in cooking with Pink Himalayan Salt with super results.   Once you start using it you will likely refuse to eat any other salt because the salt and minerals it contains really adds flavor to your food as well as being more nutritious (Pink Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals.)

Eliminate One Of These Now! Natural Himalayan or Sea Salt Vs. Processed Table Salt

Most people have read or been told that they should watch their salt (sodium) intake because it can cause high blood pressure or heart disease.  But what most people do not know is that what type of salt you are consuming can have have a large impact on what amount should be consumed and how much is too much.  For example, there are NATURAL unprocessed salts like Himalayan Pink Salt

Free At Home Test For Candida - And What To Do If You Do Have It!

This is our third and final article in our series about candida and food to eat and those to avoid as well as testing for candida at home and then what to do if you have candida. Just in case you missed them here are some quick links to the previous articles: Article 1. – Top-foods-to-fight-candida-growth Article 2. – Do-you-have-candida-what-foods-you-should-avoid-if-you-do  DIY 48 Second Test for Candida A lot of our readers

Do You Have Candida? - What Foods You Should Avoid If You Do!

Do You Have Candida? – What Foods You Should Avoid If You Do! Do yo have candida? Here are some tell tale signs of candida  – Headaches Drowsiness Brain Fog Weight gain There are other symptoms as this is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve recently posted some good videos on top foods to eat to fight candida (click here to see that article if you missed it)

Top Foods To Fight Candida Growth

Looking For Top Foods To Fight Candida Growth? We searched for videos to help our readers quickly learn  what foods help to fight against candida growth and found these two.  These videos do a good job in explaining why each food or food type is good to eat in our fight against candida and it’s growth inside our digestive tracts. Some of the foods mentioned include garlic, onions, coconut oil, &

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain's Connection

Want A Brain Like Einstein? How To Strengthen Your Left And Right Brain’s Connection Want to think like Einstein?  Scientist have studied the brain of Einstein and one study was recently published in the journal: Brain where they reported that they have determined that one way his brain was very different than most people’s brains was the very strong connection between the left and right sides (hemispheres) of his brain.   The physical