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Cooking Snake Soup? Better Be Sure The Snake Is Dead First!

Make Sure The Snake Is Dead Before You Cook The Snake Soup! Ever heard of anyone getting bitten and killed by a snake after the snake’s dead is chopped off? Evidently it’s not really that uncommon.  Recently a man in China, chef Peng Fan, who was preparing his “Snake Soup” delicacy was killed just that way. Peng was bitten by the decapitated head of an Indochinese spitting cobra 20 minutes after

Fewer Monarch Butterflies Surviving Migration To Mexico: 2 Ways You Can Help Save Them

The great migration of the Monarch butterfly Did you know that fewer butterflies are surviving their annual migration to Mexico?  This is a very informative youtube video about this subject and then we follow up with a second video with additional information on how we can help save the Monarch Butterflies! Soource: Youtube Channel – PBS NewsHour Did You Know There Are Two Ways You Can Help Save the Monarch Butterfly?

"Khumba" - Is This The First "Zonkey?"

“Khumba” – Is This The First “Zonkey?” From the youtube channel publisher of this video we’ve learned that evidently this is the first time a there has been a successful cross between a zebra and donkey and it is called a “Zonkey (At least it is when the mother is the zebra!)”  Here’s what they said on their youtube channel… A zonkey, the offspring of a cross between a zebra

Another Toxin Free Trick To Catch Mosquitoes Before They Bite!

Another Toxin Free Trick To Catch Mosquitoes Before They Bite! Here’s another simple trick for getting rid of and catching mosquito’s before they bite you and your family and friends! We recently posted an article and video on how to repel mosquito’s and also on how to build some simple mosquito traps – All toxin free of course.  So we found another one to add to the mix.  The video

Do Animals Have Emotions? Just Ask This Goat - Now That He's Not Depressed!

BFF’s – Mr. G The Goat & Jellybean The Donkey Have you ever wondered if animals have emotions?  Many of us have seen or heard of pets being depressed over losing a mate.  We’ve even heard of  whales, or elephants mourning the loss of a loved one.  We’ll we had never thought about farm animals like goats and donkeys related to emotions but this video and story is amazing to

Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver & Then It Says "THANK YOU!"

Sea Turtle Is Rescued By A Diver & Then It Says “THANK YOU!” The oceans are filled with plastic and debris and this is a reminder.  BUT – this one is fun to watch and just makes you feel good inside! This is really cool to watch!  This diver rescues a sea turtle caught in ocean debris and then the turtle swims over to the diver as if to say

Pet Chicken Video, Healthier Eggs & Five Other Reasons to Raise Your Own Backyard Chickens

We ran across this neat article on the  blog about six reasons why raising your own chickens is a good idea. Well, more nutritious eggs is the number one reason on their list and we tend to agree. However, then there is the entertainment value.  I can attest to this deserving to make the list as your truly raised some chickens a couple of years ago so my young

Think You're Eating Safe RED Meat? - Better Check for This Too!

If you like to buy meat at the supermarket you may have read recently to be on the look out for meat from animals that have been injected with or fed hormones or given antibiotics.  Or maybe now you’ve turned up the effort to make sure your family is eating meat from organically fed animals only – excluding all GMO grain fed animals. So you go through all of that

Bumble Bee Saves Second Bumble Bee From Spider!

So this is interesting video to watch.  There is a bumble bee caught in a spider web and the spider is looking like it’s ready to pounce.  And then along comes a second bumble bee that apparently stings the spider and saves the first bumble bee.  The video even gives you a couple of looks in slow motion. See it here (we’ve watched this several times ourselves)… But – then