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Baby Hummingbird Rescued - Wonderful Video

This such an awesome video that is heart warming to watch though to the end.  This hummingbird was rescued and the publisher of this video raised it until it was ready to go out on its own. Here is what he said about the rescue … This is a baby hummingbird I rescued after it was attacked. UPDATE!!! when she thought she was ready to leave (and she was) she

Ever Thought About Watching An Armadillo Playing?

Check out Rollie playing around.  This is so dang cute! He (she) is a three-banded armadillo. Would your friends think an armadillo playing  is cute?   Originally published on Youtube: Animal Moments Channel Published on May 3, 2014 This video was taken at the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park in Green Bay, WI. I was able to capture this moment while interning 🙂 Learn more about the NEW Zoo & Adventure

Utah "Ag-Gag" Law Lawsuit Can Move Forward Says Judge (See Original Video Causing Lawsuit)

There have been many cases over the last few years where employees of beef, pork, and poultry (especially turkey) operations have been filmed performing illegal and unsanitary acts.  Many times the filming has been done by an undercover representative getting a job as an employee and seeing what really goes on in these places and then proceeding to get it on film.  Most of the times the company involved denies

OMG! Baby Deer Wants Its Belly Rubbed Or It Bleats!

Baby Deer wants Its Belly Rubbed! This is funny and sweet as heck! This man saves a baby deer from being killed by a falling tree and then it bleats every time he tries to put it down. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it wants him to rub its belly too! You gotta watch this and pass it on! Would your friends smile when they see this? Pass