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Cooking Snake Soup? Better Be Sure The Snake Is Dead First!

Make Sure The Snake Is Dead Before You Cook The Snake Soup! Ever heard of anyone getting bitten and killed by a snake after the snake’s dead is chopped off? Evidently it’s not really that uncommon.  Recently a man in China, chef Peng Fan, who was preparing his “Snake Soup” delicacy was killed just that way. Peng was bitten by the decapitated head of an Indochinese spitting cobra 20 minutes after

"Garden City" - A Must See Documentary About GardenPool.Org And their Sustainability Goals!

Evidently we were not the only ones that thought the Garden Pool idea was fantastic.  Below we’ve linked a great short documentary by Edward James Hernandez about GardenPool.Org and how they are taking their sustainability efforts to the next level by helping build these gardens for other people with an army of volunteers! This is a follow up to our original article about the new non profit called (click

Backyard Garden Pool? What a Fantastic Idea!

We just today ran across this great piece by Sara Bernard at Grist.Org about a non profit called GardenPool.Org (link to article at end of this article.) It’s about a couple named Dennis and Danielle McClung who, like many of us, wanted to learn to live sustainably and were moving along learning more ways to do this when they bought a foreclosure home in 2009.  The home had a broken down

Pet Chicken Video, Healthier Eggs & Five Other Reasons to Raise Your Own Backyard Chickens

We ran across this neat article on the  blog about six reasons why raising your own chickens is a good idea. Well, more nutritious eggs is the number one reason on their list and we tend to agree. However, then there is the entertainment value.  I can attest to this deserving to make the list as your truly raised some chickens a couple of years ago so my young

Bumble Bee Saves Second Bumble Bee From Spider!

So this is interesting video to watch.  There is a bumble bee caught in a spider web and the spider is looking like it’s ready to pounce.  And then along comes a second bumble bee that apparently stings the spider and saves the first bumble bee.  The video even gives you a couple of looks in slow motion. See it here (we’ve watched this several times ourselves)… But – then