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Where Does Your Favorite Produce Item Rank As Far As Pesticide Residue? Apples, Strawberries, Or Grapes Anyone?

2014 Pesticide Residue Rankings For Most Common Fruits & Vegetables –  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed pesticide tests of 48 popular conventional (non organically raised) produce items to come up with a ranking – with the top rated items indicating they had the highest amounts of pesticide residue.  Unfortunately for moms and parents, many of the items most commonly given to toddlers and children are included in the “WORST FIFTEEN PRODUCE

Top Five Foods For A Healthy And Cleansed Liver

We recently featured and article recommending the top 14 foods for a healthy liver- for both ongoing health and detoxing and here is a follow up with a second video featuring this authors top five foods for a liver detox protocol. We hope you found this related video very helpful as it list the top five foods for a liver detox and more details of why.  We recommend that you