Celebrities Getting Behind Jamie Oliver & His Food Revolution

Celebrities Getting Behind Jamie Oliver & His Food Revolution

Celebrities Getting Behind A Natural Food Health Revolution

We love what Jamie Oliver has been doing in helping to educate Kids and adults alike on how important food nutrition is to our health.  His Food Revolution Day in the spring is getting bigger every year and we ran across a great article by Christina Sarich on one of our favorite sites called NaturalSociety.com (link below) about how more and more celebrities are getting behind a Natural Health Revolution and Jamie’s Food Revolution Days.

Here’s a brief intro from the article…

A revolution comes with education. Kids should know what arugula and goji berries are, the joys of running in the sun through the park, and of enjoying the heretofore overlooked experience of taking the ‘health’ of youth for granted.

Even celebrities are getting in on the action of educating our youth and making eating healthy ‘vogue’ as a counter measure to the animated cookies and candy, sports drinks, and soda campaigns that are their ever-companions.

 Kevin Spacey recently did a short clip in support of Jamie Oliver’s food education and revolutionary campaign – to change what we feed kids in school cafeterias across the country.

We can preach no-GMO until we are blue in the face. We can petition and complain for years, but until we start changing our own eating habits and making darned sure we are putting nutrition-less crap in our kid’s lunches, we will continue to see a healthcare crisis in this country like we’ve never known before. Kids are getting more obese every year.

Before you go to read the full article check out these Jamie Oliver videos.

Potato or Tomato? – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution | Promo Clip | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Youtube Channel  – Ryan Seacrest Presents


And here’s a great video from Jamie on what his Food Revolution is all about.  This is well worth the time…

A Message from Jamie to Inspire You To Get Involved | Food Revolution Day

Youtube Channel – Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


To read the full article at NaturalSociety.com click here now… It’s really a good piece. 


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