Finally – A Hospital Serving Organic food To Help Heal It’s Patients!

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Serving Organic food To Help Heal It’s Patients!

Those of us (which is likely most people reading this now) who believe in organic and non gmo foods also likely believe that our food nutrition affects our health.  Unfortunately most Americans likely have not really gotten the connection.  Yes, they may understand a ton of junk foods will lead to being over weight, but we’re not sure if they really understand the long term affects on our health.


One of our staff members here tells a story of how they recently went into a hospital to visit a relative and were shocked to see how not only did the hospital serve soda’s like Coke to visitors but also the the patient’s themselves.  Amazing.  Maybe they are helping to make sure they will have plenty of new business and repeat business.



So having said all that, you can imaging how excited we were to see an article on how one hospital is actually partnering with a local organic farm to serve healthy nutritious and organic food to it’s patients.  Click here to read all about it!



Organic Food Image Source: OpenClipArt.Org  by: netalloy

Medical Red Cross Image Source: OpenClipArt.Org  by: pitr



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