Free At Home Test For Candida – And What To Do If You Do Have It!

Free At Home Test For Candida - And What To Do If You Do Have It!

This is our third and final article in our series about candida and food to eat and those to avoid as well as testing for candida at home and then what to do if you have candida.

Just in case you missed them here are some quick links to the previous articles:

Article 1. – Top-foods-to-fight-candida-growth

Article 2. – Do-you-have-candida-what-foods-you-should-avoid-if-you-do 

DIY 48 Second Test for Candida

A lot of our readers want to know if they may have candida so we found this great video about how to test at home (for free – yeah!) to see if you have candida!

There is also a great follow up video that is very informative and we are even thinking about taking the plunge ourselves and doing a candida cleanse!

Source: youtube Channel – FitLifeTV

So tell us what you think -are you going to do the at home test?

And finally, here is a follow up video with a lot of real meat on the subject of candida and how to get rid of it.

Let us know if you love this video too!

Candida Cleanse – The Randy and Christa Show

Source: youtube Channel – The Randy & Christa Show

Some of us on the staff here at are thinking about taking this course and eliminating our candida!

What do you think?

Have you done a candida detox or are thinking about doing it?


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