Has The Afterlife & Reincarnation Been Explained By Science?

Has The Afterlife & Reincarnation Been Explained By Science?

The Afterlife Journey Of Our Souls

There has been an increase in interest in the afterlife and near death experiences with recent movies such as “Heaven Is for Real,” but there is another interesting and somewhat parallel interest related to Near Death Experiences (NDE’s.)  The other topic seeing an increasing interest is in that of past life research.

One researcher seems to have combined these two areas by studying people’s stories who have NDE’s but then can also remember some pieces of what happens between lives.  Michael’s Newton, book  Journey of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, details his research and is explored in detail in an article we link to below…but first we have a treat; a video where Michael’s Newton discusses a couple of the cases that got him started in this area .

After the video be sure to check out the link to a great article summarizing the steps our souls journey through and with whom the journey is taken – it is truly fascinating.

Click here to read the article which includes the ten steps of reincarnation and the journey of our souls.


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