“Michael Clayton” The Movie’s U-Northfield: Was This A Warning About Monsanto?

"Michael Clayton" The Movie's U-Northfield: Was This A Warning About Monsanto?

We loved the movie Michael Clayton when it first came out and have seen it several times.  The thing is, when this move came out in 2008 we didn’t know as much about the dangers of GMO foods or Roundup or Monsanto for that reason.  Now that we are in 2014 looking back, watching it again is very eerie.

cybergedeon_water_pollution  openclipart org







Image Attribution: Openclipart.org – dominiquechappard

Makes you go “Hmm” doesn’t it?

Was this some kind of warning from those in the know controlling the Movie Biz in Hollywood?

Here’s the clip from the movie where the character Tom Wilkinson goes off on his rant against u-northfield about their cancer causing weed killer…”Is everyone listening? Cause this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  So let’s have a big, paranoid-malignant round of applause!”

Video Source: Youtube Channel – dir brazy

What do you think.  We think it’s worth watching the movie again and to share this around.



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