Top Foods To Fight Candida Growth

Top Foods To Fight Candida Growth

Looking For Top Foods To Fight Candida Growth?

We searched for videos to help our readers quickly learn  what foods help to fight against candida growth and found these two.  These videos do a good job in explaining why each food or food type is good to eat in our fight against candida and it’s growth inside our digestive tracts.

Some of the foods mentioned include garlic, onions, coconut oil, & olive oil…but there are many more.  Can you pick out the differences in the two videos’ “top ten foods list?”


10 Ways To Fight Candida

Source: Yourtube Channel – Milun Kukalj


10 Foods for Candida Treatment – Natural Cure

Source: youtube Channel – The Candida Cure

Comment and tell us which foods you are thinking of adding to or increasing in your family’s diet to fight candida?  

(Next up –  Our follow up article and video we found for you with information on what foods to “avoid” in your fight to eliminate candida!  Just click here to go there now!)

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